Hog Roast

Our ever popular hog roast is a real focal point for your event. It is an ideal way to feed your guests at a reasonable cost.

fell dales hog roast cumbria carving

We can carve into fresh bread rolls with our homemade sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce or serve as a plated meal with a selection of freshly made salads or vegetables and hot potatoes. It is an ideal option for weddings, parties or corporate events and Maria, Hilary and the team will oversee the catering, including carving the hog and serving your guests. Our menus include canapés, starters, hog roast along with salads or vegetables, selection of potatoes and our delicious mouthwatering homemade sweets.

We try and use our own farm fresh pork for your event; however, you could try our own Swaledale Lamb Roast or even seasonal turkey or chicken. We can provide china crockery and stainless steel cutlery or equivalent disposables whichever you think is most appropriate. We can, of course supply a bespoke service for any number of people, and will be happy to provide a speedy quotation – please phone or email. If you have any special requests we are always open to suggestions.

Hog Roast Package

Standard package: Whole Roast Pig
Hog Roast pig marinated in cider
Cider and apple sauce
Sage and onion stuffing
Served in fresh baked bread buns
Chef and assistant to carve and serve
Our Hog Roasts are cooked inside a large roasting tray. Using the roasting tr ay produces a better, more succulent product. Cooking times vary depending on the size of pig but typically 6 to 7 hours for a 50 to 60 kg pig. We can source pigs locally and sometimes from our own farm depending upon demand.
An approximate guide for catering numbers with an average size pig (50-60kg):
Formal dinner: 100-135 servings per pig
Bread buns: 150 – 200 servings per pig

fell dales hog roast cumbria

Lamb Roast Package

Standard package: Whole Roast Lamb
Swaledale Lamb and usually from our own farms, studded with rosemary and garlic and slowly roasted, Served with fresh bread rolls with our own homemade mint sauce. Chef and assistant to help serve. Options:
Salads and Side Dishes
Disposable crockery/ cutlery
China /stainless steel crockery/ cutlery
Extra waiting staff
An approximate guide for catering would be:
Formal dinner: 30-40 servings per lamb
Bread buns/ pitta bread: 60-80 servings per lamb